Sunday, November 12, 2006

Escanaba Scarf

I give you the Escanaba Scarf. This scarf was started a few days before the election. I saw the Mistake Rib Scarf pattern originally on 'Wendy Knits!'. I had gotten to a point on all my projects that required too much attention for a busy office and campaign, and I was itching to try this. It is a simple fairly mindless pattern. Just what I needed. I could have pulled out my sock that I was working on, but the natives were shocked that I was knitting a sweater. I am not sure how they would handle a Troll knitting a sock.

I had purchased the chunky warm yarn earlier in the week at the local yarn shop. I bought this with my son and Christmas in mind. I think he will like the dark chocolate yarn with the orange and yellow flecks, the color is too retro for me. The colors look too much like what we were forced to wear back when I was kid (60's-70's) and will never want to wear again. This pretty much guarantees that my kids will love it.

Now that I home and doing everything but studying for the tests that I have Monday and Tuesday - I have finished my Bloomsbury Sweater! All it now needs is the buttons. I also need spring or warmer weather to wear it...

Now I can start a few Christmas gifts. I have two felted slippers to make for my daughters with the perfect colored yarns I found at the Escanaba LYS. I hopefully will get to the nieces and nephews too, but again - they may get them for their birthdays.

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