Thursday, September 7, 2006

T's First Day

Yesterday morning was the day that little children wait for and then claim, "I am a big kid!"

Then the big yellow bus comes and swallows up the one that parents claim are too small.

Eventually the newness wears off and we spend the next 13 years

  • trying to get them up in time to get to school

  • to hound them to finish their homework

  • to always be three steps behind the permission slips and other papers that
    they throw at us as they are heading out the door

  • leaping over backpacks, coats, supplies that are always deposited in a path
    from the front door to the kitchen

  • going to concerts, parent/teacher conferences

  • boots/coats/mittens/books at school/home when they are needed at home/school

All this starts with a morning like this.

Wanna see my sock? (distracting with bright shiny objects)

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