Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What's on the needles...

Current Project:

  • Fair Isle - Philosopher's Wool Company - yarn and needles have arrived. I had a false start. Hated the original colors I chose. In the end I switched pattern and colors. Much happier. One sleeve done - working on the other sleeve right now.
  • Little pink sweater and cap for newest Martin member due in September.

    Pattern is the Pea Pod baby set by Kate Gilbert, pattern free from Interweave Knits here. Though it is pea and should be green - my sibbling is way too excited about it being a girl - so everything is pink at this time. It took me a while to get use to using the chart - especially with the yarn overs and knitting stitiches together. Learned that I shouldn't think - just follow the count and the stiches and not to pay attention to what stitch is under it. And what do you know???? It worked out great!

Status: 95% done - need to put together.

Finished Project:
  • 7/06 - A pair of felted clogs for me. My first pair was an experiment and they came out great and found that they are very durable. I had to wait for them to wear through before I could make another pair. This time it was colors that I loved instead of what I had in my stash.
  • 6/06 - Little red sweater for newest Martin member born in May 2006.
    Pattern is from Knitty.com, Trellis is a baby cable cardie. I wanted to make something a little challenging. Gracie (soon to be big sister) didn't receive any knitted things from Aunt Eunice because she lived in Florida. Now that they have moved up north, knitting can commence!

Possible projects: World of Knitted Toys

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