Thursday, August 24, 2006

Those Cheeky Professors

I had it all figured out.  In spite of classes I was going to join the local knitting guild.  I would just not go to a few of my classes to attend the monthly Tuesday evening meetings. ... or so I thought.  I took a look at the class schedule.  Would you believe that he has scheduled exams on the very same nights as my knitting guild meetings?!?!  Rats. 
In the other class I had trouble accessing a portion of their information on the web once I logged into the school system.  After trying my logins and the ones in the syllabus, I gave up and wrote the instructor.  He wrote that I should read the 'welcome letter' he sent and that it contained valuable information.  (Let me say, that answer ranked right up there with "reboot your computer" after calling the work help desk.  I am one of those people that tries absolutely everything I can think of BEFORE I write/call for help.  These types of answers torque me off beyond reason.)  Though I was slightly smug this morning when my email box has other classmates asking the same question I asked the instructor last night. 
See, it wasn't just me.

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